If you find that you need to conduct surveillance on the outside of your property covertly, such as if you are trying to determine who might be carrying out vandalism, you will need to find an effective way to disguise your video surveillance equipment. One downside is that hidden cameras do not act as a deterrent. But they do prevent intruders from attempting to avoid or bypass your camera. The good news is that cameras are smaller and more wireless than in the past, making it easier to hide cameras in different locations.

Choose A Good Location

The location of the camera will need to be one that will provide a clear view of the area that you would like to survey. Therefore, you will need to determine what area of your property an intruder would need to walk past to effectively carry out vandalism. Make sure that there are no obstacles blocking the view of the camera. For example, if there are trees or bushes throughout your yard, make sure that branches do not move against the camera, blocking its view. Consider what will happen when the seasons change and more leaves grow nearby the camera.

Look For Fixtures To Run The Camera Through

You may be able to run your camera through something that already exists in your yard, such as a fixture. Then, you will be able to hide a camera without making a sudden change to your property that would be very obvious. It may also be less expensive, since you can simply purchase a small, cheap, wired camera and run the wires through the wall.

Consider Pre-Made Hidden Camera Designs

There are already several pre-made camera designs that come in the form of security cameras. Common choices include bird houses and rocks. The best disguise is something that you would likely place in your backyard anyway. For example, if your yard is not already filled with decorations, suddenly placing a lawn gnome in a visible location would make it more suspicious. If you often do not decorate your yard, choose something more practical, such as a thermometer.

Use Outdoor Cameras For Outside Only

Only use your outdoor cameras for outdoor use. They are not designed for indoor surveillance and may not produce the right footage. Also, look for outdoor cameras that can switch to infrared at night, since that is a time when your home is the most likely to be invaded. By selecting the right camera, you can finally catch who is vandalizing your property.