If you have children that are old enough to stay home and they are alone during the day, you may worry about their safety. To help you feel better, you can install a monitoring security system, as well as a fire alarm system.

Monitoring Security System

A monitoring security system is connected to the security company you hire.  This means you and your children can communicate with the security company 24 hours a day and seven days per week. There are different ways the system can contact the monitoring company if your alarm goes off.

One way is through your phone line, also called a landline. Your phone will be connected to the security company so when the trigger goes off they are immediately notified. They will then call your home to make sure there is nothing wrong. If no one answers the phone, they will immediately dispatch the police and/or fire department.

They try to contact your home first, because someone in your home may have triggered the alarm accidentally.

You can also use your smartphone to communicate with the company if your alarm goes off.  Your security system will use a cellular uplink to speak with the monitoring company.

The company adds the uplink to your security system, and converts the alarm signal to a cellular wireless signal. This can be useful, because you can get in touch with the company even if your phone lines are down.

Many companies have an app that you can download to your smartphone. This app lets you arm and disarm your security system from your smartphone, and show you the current alarm status so you can make sure it is turned on.

Fire Alarm System

You should also install a fire alarm system in case there is a fire at your home.  Below are two different types you can choose from:

Conventional Fire Alarm System

This type of fire alarm system puts a number of fire detectors throughout your home. The detectors are connected with your security system control panel in zones. Zones are circuits that are generally installed on each floor of your home. The reason security companies use zoning is so they can determine where the fire is coming from inside your home.

Wireless Fire Alarm System

A wireless fire alarm system uses a secure radio communication that interconnects with the fire sensors, as well as other devices, such as your smoke detector. When there is a fire, the alarm system will sound a very loud alarm throughout your home. One advantage to the wireless system is it will work if the power goes out in your home. One problem with a wireless system is it is not connected to the monitoring center. Instead, when the alarm goes off you have to contact the fire department yourself.

Contact a local company, such as Southern Maine Cabling, who can go over all the different types of security and fire alarm systems in much more detail to help you decide which one would be best for you.