Conventionally, alarms generate a loud sound that is intended to alert others to an intrusion and that are also intended to possibly startle the intruder. However, silent alarms are becoming a more common and popular option. Alarms now have the option to send messages to a property owner's phone or computer, so there is less of a reason to rely on an audible alarm. When the alarm is triggered, an independent monitoring company is sent a signal. If they suspect that your home has been broken into, they will notify the police. Also, there are several unique advantages that silent alarms have over audible ones.

It's Easier To Catch The Intruder

If your home is frequently the target of a burglary, you might want to catch the burglar in the acts so you can bring an end to it. A silent alarm makes it much more likely that you will accomplish this goal. Some burglars might take more time to steal your belongings if the silent alarm is triggered, giving the police more time to arrive and arrest him or her. The silent alarm also works well with a video surveillance system because it allows for the intruder to be recorded on video rather than simply being scared away by the alarm.

You Won't Annoy Your Neighbors

When your alarm frequently goes off, this might become annoying to your neighbors. Silent alarms avoid this problem. However, you also lose the benefit of your neighbors being able to respond to your home invasion either by calling the police or notifying you. Still, the alarm monitoring service will usually handle the situation in a more-effective way than your neighbors. Also, if you frequently have false alarms, such as if your pet commonly triggers the alarm system, you do not want the alarm to wake your family up in the middle of the night.

You Can Choose An Alarm With Both Features

The best option is to choose an alarm system that can serve as both a silent and audible alarm system. Then, you can switch between one and another based on your current situation. For example, you could set the alarm to "silent" when you are not home and set it to "audible" when you are home and more concerned with being alerted to a break-in. While silent alarms have many advantages, if you're concerned about being immediately notified of an intrusion, you may want an audible alarm when you are home and a silent alarm for when you are away.

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