Many states have instituted lockdown policies with the aim of keeping COVID-19 from spreading. As a result, most non-essential businesses have closed for the foreseeable future. Deserted office buildings and retail spaces are prime targets for looting and vandalism. As a business owner, you need to find ways to keep your store or office safe during this time. Here are three tips that will help you keep your business safe during an extended closure.

1. Check your locks periodically.

A locked door is designed to keep intruders out of off-limits areas. Your locks can only do their job if they remain intact. Some cunning criminals may try to pick a lock or force it open, which can cause irreparable damage. A broken lock cannot protect your business. Keep your store safe by visiting it periodically to check on the status of your locks. A smashed lock is an obvious sign of danger, but some types of damage are less obvious. Unusual scratches or holes in your lock can indicate a break-in. Routine check-ins will allow you to catch a broken lock as soon as possible, so you can call a commercial locksmith to come replace it.

2. Invest in a security system.

If you've never seen the need to invest in a security system before, there's no time like the present to finally do so. A security system will allow you to keep tabs on your business from home. Security cameras allow you to check the premises for intruders or signs of property damage. Among other services they provide, a commercial locksmith may be able to help you install a security system. They can help you choose a system that suits the size of your business before carrying out the installation process.

3. Install security bars.

Security bars can increase the overall security of your business. They are especially useful for any building that features glass doors or large glass picture windows. Security bars may be fixed in place, but some business owners don't like the severe look this creates. Roll-up security gates are an excellent compromise. These gates are made from metal which can discourage vandalism and burglary. Contact a commercial locksmith if you'd like to install security bars or gates on your property. Extra security measures can provide you with more peace of mind, so you won't have to worry about your business, even if the shutdown continues for the foreseeable future.