Web-based card access control systems could offer a great security solution for your facility. You shouldn't be swayed by misinformation out there about such systems and discouraged from investing in an access control system as a result. 

The following are six things you shouldn't assume about web-based card access control systems

Web-based card access control systems are susceptible to being hacked.

There is a common misconception out there that web-based card access systems are easy to hack and are therefore less secure than on-premises access control systems. However, this is not true.

Web-based card access control systems are designed with built-in security frameworks which make them difficult to hack and can make them as secure as or more secure than on-premises access control systems. 

Outside parties can easily get unauthorized access to your facilities if a staff member loses his or her access card.

While a lost access card can briefly give an unauthorized party access to your facilities, you can disable an employee's card immediately after it is lost. This way, a lost access card won't create a significant security breach for your facility. 

Using a web-based card access control system slows down Internet access at a facility.

It is sometimes assumed that web-based card access control systems run off a facility's main Internet network and therefore use up a lot of the network's bandwidth. Many believe that this will slow down Internet speeds within a facility.

There are many ways to ensure that a web-based card access control system won't slow down Internet speeds. You can maintain Internet speeds by setting up a separate Internet network for your access control system. You can also invest in more bandwidth when you have your system set up so that Internet speeds won't be impacted.  

Web-based access control systems aren't worth the expense.

Anything you can do to increase the security of your facility has the potential of saving you a lot of money by preventing security breaches and theft. Although a web-based card access control system will require an upfront investment, such a system is likely to pay for itself in the long run through increased security. 

Web-based access control systems require a lot of expensive equipment and software.

When you choose a card access control system that is web-based, you can avoid the need to invest in a lot of expensive hardware and software. This can make web-based access control systems much more cost-effective than systems that run on your facility's own servers. 

It's complicated to set up a web-based card access control system and to make system changes.

While you will have to learn how to operate your web-based card access control system, you shouldn't assume that this will be excessively complicated. Your access control system service provider can set up your system for you and explain to you any processes you need to understand to make system updates.